XERO Micro

Last year our PRO Basic Water Fed Pole was by far the best seller.

This year it’s looking like the XERO Micro. XERO Micro Waterfed Poles - Basic, HiMod, and UltraLite – WindowCleaner.com

If you do residential there is no better option. Check out the reviews on the most affordable one - https://windowcleaner.com/xero-micro-basic-carbon-fiber-water-fed-pole

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As one that used it for the past 4 days on a commercial job, I have been loving this pole! It’s light, it’s carbon (carbon all the things, just like bikes), and it’s great! We timed a condo type residential unit, 44 panes in all, and it cut our time in half! Mostly because there are loads of bushes to work around.

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I’m ordering one tomorrow. Can’t wait.


Cool you are going to like it! - Its my favorite pole in our line up. Theres so much I like about it.

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Hit me up.

The Micro is my first Pole so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I LOVE it.


Arrives Thursday, can’t wait.

Micro’s soo hawt right now!

Dropped it down to the single stick for bushed resi windows.


I just got my Micro, have a question.

With the Univalve installed and clamped, how can I switch to using as a ‘trad’ pole if needed?

You’ll have to remove the brush head and gooseneck from the top (number zero) clamp and pull the whole pole hose through. Then install the acme threaded adapter into the top clamp. It’s a tiny bit of a pain, but for the number of times I find myself actually using the pole for trad purposes, it’s worth the extra minute or two of work.

Having a quick connect between your pole hose and supply hose is critical for this purpose.

The only downside I’ve found with these is that they tend to disconnect themselves easily if you drag them.

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For everyone’s info: The normal push-to-connect fittings do not hold over time if you have them placed between your grab point and the univalve. So that’s not an option over the long term.

However, we regularly switch from WFP to trad work with the same pole, it’s easy to pull the head off and the hose through. It’s great for when you have to switch from exterior to interior as you minimize your tool inventory (which can actually be a good thing!)

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So make sure the push fitting is behind your hand. Good point.

Thing is, per the univalve video I have a clamp on the hose right outside the top piece so it can’t be pulled through.

You’re going to love your new Micro pole! Another option is to not use a univalve and just use a ball valve. You can pinch the line when moving from widow to window and use the ball valve when needing a longer break. That way you can run your WFP hose on the outside of the pole and be able to drop sections really easy. I hardly ever have all the sections on my pole. I just slip them on and off as needed.

I’ve heard of several people mounting the univalve on the outside of the pole, but I’m not exactly sure how it’s done because I’ve never used one. Anyone here do that?

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Awesome, thanks for the vid. I’ll be using it for the first time Saturday, should be interesting!

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Ball valve is the way to go Imo


Chris the Xero extension for a 30’ pole is that One 10’ section ? 10’ long ?

All of the Xero extensions are 2 pieces that extend and add 10’ in length


As Seth said, it’s a two piece extension. It works exactly like the Reach-IT XT’s. You can look that up on youtube.

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