Any input from experience while using the xjet? also is the M5 worth the extra money vs the Original?

I used the x-jet for a short time before I opted to go w/ a downstreaming set up. Works much better.

What set-up is that if you don’t mind?

I use an Adams injector and [URL=“http://www.pressuretek.com/pahilowno.html”]high/low nozzle.

I love my X-jet! It allows you to apply chems at a realy strong ratio when required. My e-bay non-official x-jet replica will apply at a 50:50 mix if required. :slight_smile:

Yeah the x-jet works really well, blasting a bunch of chem on a house quickly is what it’s all about. At first you’re gonna be surprised how fast it will suck a 5 gallon bucked dry.

I’ve never tried the original. I use the M5, with the adjustable nozzle. I would recommend it for sure, really easy to use.

The x jet is like a record player. OLD SCHOOL!
Downstreaming is the easiest and fastest :smiley:

From the looks of the videos Xjet seems to be quite easier? Since i’m new to PWing what exactly is downstreaming? Can this be done on most PW’s?

I used the X-Jet M5 for a couple of years and liked it except for having to carry the soap bucket and the extra hose.

I switched to downstreaming in May of last year and prefer it much more than the X-jet method. Much easier than X-jetting!!! And much less hassle.

SO what exactly is downstreaming!

Downstreaming is actually any method where the soap enters the line after the pump instead of before it. So technically X-Jetting is downstreaming too.

But the difference between the X-Jet and downstream methods is that the soap/chems enters the line just after the pressure washer (soap bucket stays stationary at power washing rig) when downstreaming whereas with the X-Jet method the soap enters the line just after the gun so you have to carry the soap bucket (and soap hose) with you as you work.


BUT… The reason I’m interested in the Xjet is due to the long rang capabilities.

What other nozzles prefrom the same way? and have any pictures or guides on down streaming at the pump and not on the handle like xjet? basically just need an adapter after the outlet of the pump?

If you are interested in long range (I’m assuming you’re talking about spraying height) then downstreaming actually beats out an X-Jet if set up properly.

If you’re talking about being able to work at great distances away from the stationary power washing rig then there are limitations to how long your high pressure hose can be when downstreaming. I use a 200’ hose and have no problem getting the needed amount of chems and spraying height at the gun. Some guys use 250’ of hose with great results but I think the X-Jet would be a great option for any greater distance (away from the PW rig) than that.

Can you provide some links to some downstream setups? What is needed?

Pressure Tek

Buy the pressure washer items you need at affordable pricing. We have Suttner Cat Giant General Pump Delavan Pressure Pro Hansen Mosmatic Comet Whisper Wash AR pumps trigger guns surface cleaners lances wands duct spinners swivels ball valves chemica has everything you need and more.

First off you’ll need a downstream injector to draw your soap from the bucket. I have a couple of the fixed “General” injectors which are simply awesome. Get Bob at Pressure Tek to fix you up with a J Rod 4 way nozzle holder. He can set you up with low & high soap nozzles along with low and high rinse nozzles to match your machine. These four nozzles go into the J Rod nozzle holder. Probably less than $50.00 and you’re in downstreaming heaven.

With these 4 nozzles you don’t have to run all the way back to your machine and take the soap hose out of the bucket. You simply switch from rinse nozzle to soap nozzle be it high or low as needed. It’s all right there attached to your gun. You don’t even need a lance (or wand). No dragging a bucket around with the extra hose either. It’s a fantastic system.

My xjet m5 works pretty good for pwing a home if you are shooting directly at the home horizontally. But I got mine for trying out roof cleaning. No good. Maybe it’s my PW as it’s only a 2500 psi unit. But the one I bought was for that amount of psi. If I lift the wand over 45 degrees to shoot chem on the roof. No good. It won’t draw from the bucket. Chem makes it about 1/2 way up the house. This may not sound like a big deal but, if you are doing two story homes and need to get chem on the 2nd floor and under the soffets. No go. My chemical applicator tip that came with the machine works better for applying the chems.

Another thing to keep in mind is some states require you to be licensed for PW. My state does. But if you softwash (preasure from the tap, under 100 psi) you are no longer powerwashing and no license needed. You are basiclly using the chem to do ALL the work. But with softwash there is a lot more chem so you may need to reclaim and that’s a whole other animal. Also you need to water down your plants really well etc.

//youtu.be/Down Streaming with a Water Cannon & Pressure washing Wash Mart - YouTube

You Bet, Down streaming is great.

//youtu.be/How To Down Stream with a Pressure washer - YouTube

If you even use a water cannon you will never want and Xjet ever.

I have always thought carrying a bucket is silly, when you can turn soap on and off with the flip of a button.

Woo Ron – I want a water canon… Where can I get that?

Doesn’t the bleach running through the hose cause it to rust out and not
last as long? My idea was for use to use the X-Jet to bypass the hose, protecting it from the harsh chemicals.

tkirk (if that’s your REAL name), for many people, the speed and efficiency of downstreaming outweigh the cost of replacing hoses due to corroded fittings, which is not too significant anyway.