You're killing me, Metallic Ladder Co.!

No seriously, you’re putting your newer customers at risk by not offering half sections anymore. So what if your profit margin isn’t as fat on those pieces?!? You’re endangering people!!


Yeah! They might buy something that rocks like a little giant…

Sorry, but I could NOT resist…

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Lol. I’ve got one on the roof rack. It has its place in my arsenal. But when it comes down to it, I find myself more prone to attempt a semi-risky ladder set with the sectional, than go out to the vehicle for the little junker. And I do [I]not[/I] trust the LG as an extension ladder on bare floors. The rubber feet on my sectional grip like glue.

Yeah, and I probably would but a 4’ if they were available. Just in case.

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I didn’t realize it was such a good thing that I have a half section until u guys keep going on and on about how upset u are. Sure hope mine never wears out.

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I’ve had several situations in the last couple days where I really needed the half section. The solutions I had to come up with were less than kosher. Like setting the ladder up into a deep skylight frame, with the ladder at nearly 45° so that I could foot it against the baseboards of some cabinets. Ugh. These skylights were too high to reach with the LG as a step ladder, and I won’t use it as an extension ladder indoors. And then I had some triangular picture windows, where the ceiling was too low to use 3 sections, but using 2 sections required me to overreach more than I was really comfortable with.

I actually called Metallic this morning to complain. The lady who answered the phone thinks there was more to the decision than just lack of profit. The owner is supposed to call me back to explain. We’ll see…

I use my 4’ section almost every climb. It get to the right hight.

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Have you considered an 8’ top section?

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Hey Alex has seen the light , an knows now what the extension an LG people don’t .
That a window cleaner without sectionals knows not what he is missing

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From what I’ve heard, it isn’t a profit thing, it’s a [finger quotes]“liability thing.”

BUT… it’s [B]not[/B] because there have [B]been[/B] issues.
It’s more along the lines of ‘[B]IF[/B] there were [B]TO BE[/B] an issue.’ (CYA)

Which makes me think it might be an insurance/legal thing on their end.
Meaning, they feel comfortable making them, but someone along the line (3rd party?) doesn’t.

I liken it to OSHA, and some of their ridiculous antics.
-You can’t dunk a basketball without those jackasses telling you to wear a harness. :rolleyes:

Do me a favor, if/when he calls let him know that [B]anyone and everyone[/B] is planning to DIY their own half pieces.
(true or not, doesn’t matter, the response is what I want to hear.)
And pay specific attention [B]to his[/B] response.

Because, personally… I think 'they’re fine with that.
That way, they can put their hands up and say “see? it wasn’t our product, it was the users fault.”
= still produce the middle pieces (which we turn to middles)

I could be 100% wrong, but his response should shed a little light…

I am looking for a 4 ft section any leads on getting one?

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Call and harass the owner of Metallic? Worth a shot… :wink:

I’ve got a set I just don’t like it. But when it’s needed, it’s the #1 tool for the job.

When estimating a job that has upper windows, here’s my process:

  1. Can I pole it?
  2. Can I wfp it?
  3. Will the lg work?
  4. Will an extension work?
  5. Can I move a couch to lean up against wall and climb it?
  6. Can I skip it?
  7. Sigh, I need the sectionals.

And that 1% of the time, man those things are awesome!

By the time you reach question 4, I’ll be at the top of the sectional cleaning already. And by the time you figure out you need sectionals, I’ll be on the next window :wink:

Since I’ve hit my stride with the stack ladders, I’ve had to move much less furniture, make fewer ladder sets, deal with a lot less second guessing of my questionable pole work, and overall have improved my speed and efficiency on ladder work.

Can somebody tell me how to post a message? I can only figure out how to reply to a message. I am new to the forum so any help would be appreciated

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Lol.!!! Need I answer this, because Alex already did. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do like # 5. That’s great :slight_smile:

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Go up to forum… Click. Make a post…

Ya I hear ya !! I would just eliminate # 3 & 4, an then we can figure this out.

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You just did…

There seems to be something going on with the whole “facebook plugin” thing.
I’m having to doublecheck, and go back, in order to post.

  • it seems like there is something missing.

For what it’s worth, I have been clicking “Reply” on the last/latest post to get in.
(which is what I did for this post)

Back to this…
I’ll try to bullet point from memory.

  • Looks like we were somewhat right, the decision was placed in the hands of the underwriters.
    Meaning, they pushed and Metallic gave.

  • Wrong about there being claims that pushed the decision in that direction

  • claims were from misuseage, NOT from legit failure of the ladders.
    –But it was costing too much to defend, [B]just to prove[/B] that misuseage
    – this is also why Alco threw in the towel with piece ladders.

  • The example I heard was from an Alco case, where a roofer was using 2 pieces on 45º
    and resting it on an angled half piece, etc… really stupid stuff.

  • No more Half piece, 8 ft top and apparently 5 ft middle
    (would that be considered a “3/4 piece?” I’ve never seen one) :confused:

  • the[B] new Maximum Height is 21 ft [/B]which is exactly 4 pieces total.
    (So, we’ve gone from 5 1/2, then 4 1/2, to 4… I see a trend.)