Call taking process?

I’m looking to have somebody I know answer phone calls for me when I’m unavailable. I’m not looking for them to make any sales or set appointments. I was wondering what sort of information you have a call taker try to obtain for you. Is it just the name and phone number? Are you try to go for more detailed information like getting an address and email and the like?. Thanks for your input!!

Everything you said
Name,address, phone,email, and requesting for int/ext or both estimate?
Small houses often phone quote, a few extra questions, storms? Screens and sills? Frenchies? Which always turn to in person quote if those are a yes

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Awesome, thanks Mike.

I have them do everything,price ,set the appointment, follow up call after the job send nice job invite for review. Best thing ever

Thanks Ken. Do you have a professional service doing this?

My daughter is doing it for me right now she had no previous experience at all. I also taught 15 1/2 year-old school student to price jobs properly and a 20 something hippie type girl to price jobs accurately using Quoteflare.
The appointments have been done on TCF by my daughter and I also had a professional call service use it last fall

Awesome. My dad’s going to field calls when I’m at the station. He’s Mr. Salesman (it’s where I get my sales ability from), so I don’t think doing phone work will be a problem. But I was planning on just having him gather info so I could return the call the next day because I hate hate hate getting called out on a run (I work on one of the busiest Engine Truck Rescue companies in the US) while on a phone call with a customer. So lately, I just return calls the next day. But I’ve read so much here about answering calls the first time, I want to provide my customer with a better experience. Maybe I should just tell him to go ahead and set the appt…

I know it’s not a call answering service, but I got a voiceover actress on Fiverr to record a voicemail with an offer of $50 off our residential flat rates if I don’t call back within 24 hours. I’ve had it for 2 weeks and had more people leave voicemails in that time AND actually answer the phone when I called back than I have probably in the last quarter.

It might be the best $35 I’ve spent in the last quarter too!

Her name is mikalmedia on fiverr. Call 816-360-9733 if you want to hear it. I’m not answering the phone until Monday and tomorrow is a different voicemail.

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you would not need quoteflare or responsibid but some customers will sign up on their own if you do. i switched to qf because i could not customize resp enough and i was not using the email follow so the lower price and greater flexibilty of qf has been good.
set up qf with all the questions you would ask or observe if you were there yourself and assign pricing to the answrs. it will then guide your customer or staff to arrive at the same price you would give.
i have 3 different packages set up and once the questions are answered all 3 package prices are generated.
out qf’s are 100% accurate well over 90% of the time.
and yes there’s no reason for him no to set up the appt. in fact it’s often a natural progression, which service do you feel is best for you? in & out, we’ve got a spot on thursday DONE!
i set up in/out jobs in the am if possible then some outs only after that. 1st job has at least 1houyr arrival window, outs only customer is often not home so anytime or if they want to be there about a 2 hour arrival window.

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I guess I should say… of the weekly call volume I’m unable to answer most of them left voicemails and answered the phone in the last two weeks. Over the last quarter it’s been about a 1/3rd.

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we used to have rescue wagons here, 3 for the whole city and they went to every fire, false alarm, car accident etc. my brother worked on the busiest of the 3, on the friday or saturday of a full moon they would NEVER get back to the station before end of shift, lol.

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similar ideas here:

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Are you paying them by the hour, phone call or some type of percentage?

by the hour atm. it works right now for my daughter because she doesn’t need or want too much right now. initially i was going to look for a disabled person who was looking for some work they could do from home.
i will be adding some hours to her time using tcf to do 5 arounds and multiple house speculative estimates.


Dude awesome idea!!

Have them ask when they need it done bye ? That’s one of the first questions I ask . Many people think that we can schedule them in same day