Dish Soap

Which Soap has the BEST SLIP?


Is it better then dish soap?

…can be used for dish soap, washing clothing, window cleaning. washing walls. The best soap I use, been using it for 37 years ! Plus it shines the glass beautifully, and it really cleans the dirt off.


tsp is very slippy in fact it’s so slippy you better wear your seat belt. very powerful cleaner too although not eco friendly. the liquid is easier to mix in

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Awesome thanks so much!

How much do you put in per gallon of water? And can you use it with GG3?

2 to 3 spoon full to put into 2 1/2 gallons of water…if you want to put some GG3 in with it it aint no big deal. I may put in a little bit of ecover in with it on occasion


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TSP: Best slip, bar none. Does not make suds. Can be difficult to see on the window if your vision is poor. Can dry out your hands if you have sensitive skin. Leaves a haze wherever it is left on a window. Haze will wipe clean easily, but it takes a little while to show up so double check all panes before leaving the job site. It does COMPLETELY remove ALL grease, grime and debris. It is usually sold nowadays as a pre-paint surface prep to get the surface as clean as possible with zero residue. It is not eco-friendly because it contains phosphates, which are EXTREMELY effective fertilizers. This becomes a problem when runoff is introduced to standing bodies of water where algae can grow rampant and disrupt the natural environmental balance. Mixing at about 1 measured tablespoon per gallon is where the slip begins to exceed even dish soap.

a word of caution about tsp:
if allowed to dry it can permanently etch glass and dull glossy surfaces (which is why its used as prepaint cleaner)

it removes built up nicotine with ease on glass.
we used it with a dribble of soap and dribble of tsp (again the liquid mixes in easier)

I just use dawn and feel like it does the job well overall. Something being dummy proof is nice to me.

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cactus, howdy …

I’ve beed using TSP for 37 years and it never ever etch the glass. Once I was cleaning 500windows in a building, at this one time some indoor windows, able to scrub 6 plates at a time and then squeegee them, well I did em once a month and when I came back a month later and a office person there pointed out one plate that I missed and the TSP water dried there, and had stayed there when I came back, felt bad I had missed it (we all make mistakes) but I wasn’t worried it had etch the glass, went and scrub it and squeegeed it, and it went perfectly shiny ! Here’s a video I made a few years ago about how the TSP don’t etch the glass.

Yeah I think the only danger from etching is when it’s mixed at high concentration like the box directs for paint prepping. When we use just a spoonful per gallon it’s not gonna ruin anything that wasn’t already on the way out.

the post was from from a new member and i thought he should be made aware. i did not say it WILL etch glass i said it CAN etch glass as i discovered from dozens or maybe 100’s of posts on the internet.
yes it probably is only when used in higher concentrations so what if someone who doesn’t know better thinks more is better?
i still have have tsp in my truck at all times and it was a staple for many years in the business.
and water can be harmful in much smaller quantities than 5 gallons a day, purified water can start to strip the body of minerals and electrolites quite quickly.
i certainly appreciate the video and info dange, the guy who taught me has been using it for 17 years.

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Though I don’t make regular use of it, I like to have the option. =)

I can’t believe I’ve never even tried it. I have herd about it for so long.
My old boss is an advid fan an raves about it all he time

I think it’s Time to. Start using it. I only see the green box every time I go to Home Depot though ??

My old boss use to use this stuff called solex same type of box like tsp, hey stopped making it years ago

@Dangerous do you recall that stuff. Or anyone do you guys know what I’m talking about.
He used it all the time powdered form just like tsp solex. I’m pritty sure that was the name of it.

this is what i get in canada:
i like the liquid for easy mixing.

tsp has been banned in some states but there is often a “fake” tsp substitute

main reason we reduced use of it was harsh on hands and went to wfp.

Good point Samuel/cactus, when ever anything is wrongly overly used you find issues, the TSP with a spoon full to one gallon is proper use. You know drinking water is life giving, BUT as with anything overly done there are issues, if someone drank 5 full gallons of water in one hour it will kill them !

cactus-man I’v been drinkin distilled water for years and has never cause any problem to my body or life and actually it is very good.

No Majestic-Man this is not true TSP, it’s a substitute and no way does it work well anywhere as good as true TSP…

The cleaners with phosphate that go into dish cleaners and cloth washers, is the issue, because of the phosphate that goes out of the house by millions and millions of people which causes the problems in the environment. So that is one of the things canceled, but not TSP…In my state soap with phosphate has been legally canceled with dish/cloth washing machines but I still can buy TSP at all hardware stores which is legal.

A little off topic but I just saw it online after reading this article.

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