How much are you paying for insurance?

I’m a solo operator and I just got my new policy and I just feel like it is too much. I’m insured for window cleaning only going up to 3 stories. I’m going through Joseph D Walter’s with Liberty Mutual and I do have Care, Custody and Control which I know hikes the price up etc. But damn my policy has increased about $400 over the last 2 years. Right now it will be averaging slightly over $140 or so per month. Is anyone else seeing these kind increases with your providers? Might be time to start shopping around but with that said I want to be fully covered and I know good coverage isn’t cheap. Just wondering how this compares to others with CC&C included with in their policies. Any info on is appreciated!

I think ours is about $1,200 per year, but we do not have care custody and control coverage.

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2 Million Aggregate - Western Reserve Group - Annual Premium $ 593.00

I have a BOP policy and for myself it runs a between $1,000 and $1,200. It does have more than just general liability in it. I know i have some CCC coverage (very little like a few grand worth) and some supplimentation if I get injuried and can’t work. General liability for employees is a smidge less than 5% of wages paid

Yeah I know the search function for sure. Just felt like getting updated opinions on the subject. Thank you all for the info.