Portable Backpack Set-Up for WFP?

Have used the search, but am wondering what the consensus here is on utilizing a portable backpack WFP set up for someone who would use it only 1-2 days/month? Also, it seems to be difficult to find anywhere in the U.S. that sells these.

Thoughts/insight appreciated on this, or a separate idea/setup for minimal use.

I personally wouldn’t want too carry one.

Constantly dealing with shrubs, tree and other obstacles imo it would be a fall waiting too happen. Plus the weight and potential for fatigue or injury, sometimes we have to contort ourselves too reach difficult to reach places.

Search Google for “chemical sprayer” as this is what 99% of these systems are originally made for.

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Thanks. I purchased a chemical sprayer and attached to a 30 foot pole and found that the flow could not go up 30 feet and out the brush, so was looking closer at an actual setup meant for WFP use.

I would think the backpack would just be setting on the ground or on a trolley. Otherwise, could do a simple DI tank, but like the idea of the flexibility/portability of the backpack for infrequent use.

hudson never pump

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Is this what you use? How do you attach the hose/pole to the backpack?


This set up above works great. It’s a Gardiner backpack. I restricted the flow rate with a shut off valve opened just a tad on the backpack. That’s what Alex Gardiner told me to do when I complained about the pump pushing out to much water. I Used it on smaller jobs. Anything under 60 windows. Only 30 feet of hose to mess with.

Before that I had the manual set up below. When I wanted water 3 or 4 pumps and I could wet down the next window. No shut off valve needed. I liked the manual backpack on my back better. I could move around house faster. Very efficient. I used very little water with both set ups but less with the manual set up. I could clean about 10 to 15 double hung windows with each fill up, 4 gallons or so of water.


Available on Amazon



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Thanks for posting these! Which brand is the one with the pole set up? My main concern is the flow from the brush head when 30 feet up.

The Hudson sprayer works fine and you can get them in hardware stores and amazon. My yellow sprayer is a Gardiner. There is some work to do. Shut off valve and adapters to change hose diameter. Plumbing isle at Home Depot has everything you need, even the hose.

With backpacks you need a Smaller brush and small pencil jets to conserve water. The English way of working with a WFP. Most of the guys in USA hate backpacks but the guys in the UK love them. In the US bigger is almost always better. Haha

There are threads on here that go into more detail on backpack set up. The guys in the UK really do know what they are talking about. Waga (on YouTube) knows backpack window cleaning.

Go to Home Depot pluming isle.

You’ll need more than a couple Gerry cans to fill backpack.

Excellent! I really appreciate the help on this! As for pure water, do you utilize a basic DI set up to create the pure water?

Yes. I filled my Gerry cans at home. I needed four or five a day. I had a basic DI system so my water was expensive. But an RO system was around $5,000 back in the day. Resin is cheap when you consider that you’re making over a $100 an hour so I didn’t bother with a expensive RO system.

I was only doing one or two houses a week with a WFP.

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We’ve been down this path, and depending on what you’re cleaning, there’s just never been enough flow or pressure for what we need…

To get enough flow for you can’t carry it because it’s too heavy… addedTo that dealing with garden beds etc., and you can pretty much guaranteeIt will be a nightmare… Much better to get yourself a decent amount of hose and use that.

I have been using the Hudson never pump sprayer. It’s works great, it’s battery last for many hours. I would definitely recommend filling up extra jugs of DI water. Personally I found Gatorade 1 gallon jugs are the best. Keeps the weight down and easy to carry.

And you are able to get enough flow to go up 30+ feet with the sprayer? And, what sort of attachments do you use to connect to pole?

Sounds like you’re not doing residential

On a side note: electric backpacks are much heavier than manual backpacks, no battery . I would not recommend wearing an electric backpack.

I use to place one Gerry can in the back yard and perhaps another one in side yard. I could carry two no problem. I put them in a spot where I anticipated running out of water. After Fifteen upstairs windows. Much much faster to fill up backpack with a wide mouth five gallon containers than a one gallon jug. Filling up larger jugs at home easier as well. JMO :smiley: