Price This Christian School Common Area

Hey Fellas,

Got one for you guys to price. It’s an entry and common area in the heart of a Christian School Campus. It has 19 panes on the second floor, although you can’t see all of them in the pic, and 14 panes on the first floor. All the panes average out to be 4’X6’. The exterior can be done from the ground and the roofs. The interior will need poles, ladders, man-lift, ect. There are two of these bad boys. One on front and one on back. What would you WC’s here charge for doing it quarterly?

Fourteen Our Fathers and twelve Hail Marys.

Nice try Larry, but it’s a Christian (non-denominational) School, not exclusively Catholic. I don’t think very many Baptists, Methodists, or Church of Christ followers even know how to say a Our Father or a Hail Mary. Funny post though. Nice.

$750 + rental / delivery fees

If the upper interiors could be poled without the use of a ladder or man-lift, I would charge $462 quarterly. (Includes both front and back) I work alone if that makes a difference.

Christians?..common area…perhaps throwing a few lions in would do the trick?

The Lord’s Prayer, also known as the Our Father or Pater noster is probably the best-known prayer in Christianity. On Easter Sunday 2007 it was estimated that 2 billion Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox Christians read, recited, or sang the short prayer in hundreds of languages in houses of worship of all shapes and sizes.

The Hail Mary or Ave Maria (Latin) is a traditional Christian prayer asking for the intercession of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. The Hail Mary is used within Roman Catholicism, and it forms the basis of the Rosary. The prayer is also used by the Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox as well as by many other groups within the Catholic tradition of Christianity including Anglicans, Independent Catholics, and Old Catholics. Some Protestant denominations also make use of the prayer.

I don’t normally trust Wikipedia:

Larry your right not to trust Wikipedia on this. It’s obvious that you are straying into unfamiliar territory here.

Poor taste…

So, what’s the scoop? Do Christian religions other than us Catholics use the Lord’s Prayer and/or the Hail Mary?

No. The “Lord’s prayer” as it is knows is the response of Jesus to the question, “teach us to pray.” Jesus then said “after this manner” (or in this way) pray. The Prayer was not intended to be a prayer repeated over and over, since Jesus said in that same passage “And in your prayer do not make use of the same words again and again.”

The “Lord’s prayer” was a pattern for a believer to follow in prayer, thus it starts out “Our Father” meaning we are to recognize God as the father of all things, our highest power or being. Then “Hallowed be thy name” is an example of praise, etc…

Some people have believed that the “Lord’s prayer” should be prayed exactly as stated but there was never any record of Jesus disciples or Apostles doing so in the New Testament. Furthermore, the Bible cautions us to guard against superstitious uses of prayers, charms, or statues.

The Hail Mary idea is a non-biblical tradition only used by Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox, and Anglicans, as far as I know. Most protestants do not recognize the mother of Jesus as having any divine status, therefore do not pray to her or worship her in any way. The “Hail Mary” is also the foundation of the Rosary prayer, used only by Catholics.

I hope that is enough, I won’t go on unless you want to e-mail me for more dialog. Also, please no one accuse me of bashing Catholics, my own mom and dad are Catholic.

Perfect answer on the Our Father Steve.

I do understand the historical aspect and origin.

I am unsure if Steve has the perfect answer (I don’t pretend that I do); I’m looking for some proof, rather than a simple “No.”

I’ve seen references online from non-Catholic parties, including Christian Chapel CME (Christian Methodist Episcopal) Church, Dallas, Texas and St. Paul (Wisconsin) Evangelical Lutheran Church that discuss their use of the Lord’s Prayer.

Robert Nguyen Cramer states that, “[I]Note: Though Matthew’s version is most often prayed by Christians today, most scholars believe that Luke’s simpler version of the Lord’s Prayer more nearly represents the prayer taught by Jesus.[/I]”

When discussing [I]Our Father: A Study of the Lord’s Prayer[/I], A. C. Deane states that, “[I]…They are recited by every Christian Church, in every service, from baptism to burial. They are at the heart of private devotion. People who differ on a hundred points of doctrine are linked by their common use of the Lord’s Prayer.[/I]”

Steve: Are you familiar with Hans Dieter Betz’s [I]The Sermon on the Mount[/I] (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress Press, 1995? He discusses the Lord’s Prayer (Mat 6:9-13) on pages 361-417. I haven’t read the text, but am curious if the discussion includes Catholic and Christian usage.

Ok BOYS. Next time I ask for advice, I will not disclose the nature of the business going on inside the facility.

As far as your comments:

Larry: I know that other than Catholics use the “Our Father”. But they usually do not call it that…semantics. I really don’t want to argue this point. However, I do know that Steve is exactly right about the use of and by whom, of the “Hail Mary’s”. Again, I am not willing to argue.

Steve: Nice points about the fore-mentioned ideals.

Karlos: Just as Steve said, “Bad Taste”. Just MHO thats all. I will not argue with any of you about these items.

Beautiful View and Chris: Thanks for actually answering the question.

Would those of you who decided to blaspheme my thread like to answer as well?

I hope you don’t think [B]I’m[/B] arguing – I see all forums as an opportunity for discussion and debate. I learn a great deal from the discourse.

I see that you’re not arguing. I know your style of interaction on the forums. I love your posts for the most part. I love how you make others squirm by asking fair and relative questions that they already knew the answer to, and didn’t want to say, or had no idea at all that it may be more than they could have ever thought of on their own. Hence the entire reason for forums.

I was just wanting a answer to the question I posed. So,…well…what’s your fee for this job?

$830 + any rental fees. No quarterly discount consideration.

Sorry if I offended - no excuses. :o

Bert, are you sure you can’t pole these on the inside? How high is the highest point of glass and are there any obstacles that would interfere with poling?

The highest window is around 28’. I have not measured, that’s just an estimated guess from looking at the size of the glass on the inside. Without being too provocative, you’d better have a big pole and know how to use it to nail this one down. At least a 24 footer. And some really good shoulder/arm strength will be a bonus.

There are some air ducts and venting that may play a role in access, but not too terrible. I plan on poling these first. If I get into the weeds then ladders, man-lift, scaffolding. I don’t see it ever going past poles or ladders. I was just leaving it open for anyone with any experience level or tool preference to give a price projection.

So far, my price seems fair to me, though after looking at some of the others, mine might go up some. I did this bid on a cold call. They didn’t contact me. I went after them. I don’t want to scare them off, but I also don’t really want them to go price shopping and take the lowest bidder. I am aiming the proposal at value of customer service and not so much at cost, although it is playing an integral role in how I present this proposition to them. They have the money to do whatever. I just want to be the one they call for anything cleaning on their buildings.