Where did the search bar go?

I was searching some topics and refreshed my browser…suddenly the search bar is gone?..Is it gone? Or am I blind?

holy crap yeah things are wierd.
i’m not gonna say it was aliens but…it was aliens!!



The search bar on the desktop version is what I am having issues with…I haven’t been on the mobile yet today, so I’m not sure about that one

Russian Hackers?..Hmmmmm…

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Is anyone else having trouble seeing the first line of txt on posts?

What kind of device are you on? Post up a screen shot if you can please.

Sorry. Im on Samsung galaxcy core. Im not sure how to do screen shots.

Okay so on the IPad replying to posts works just fine but on the Samsung Mobile I get this.

They finally gave in and got rid of it since no one uses it anyway. Now @wcs can be at peace.


Ahh I see. Let me dig into your screen size tomorrow and I’ll see what’s up with it.

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Hey now, I just want everyone to understand there is such a wealth of knowledge that’s at their finger tips.

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If that search bar is gone forever, I may have to start asking the REALLY dumb questions that I have so far searched for…not sure anyone is ready for that! Hahahaha!


Sorry to say this, but the new menu navigation area takes up too much screen real estate. I am referring to what I see on my pc. Thanks.

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What size screen do you have.

It should look like this

Definitely seems a little harder to reload the homepage. The icon is not easy to find. At least on the mobile. Scrolling down the search bar moves along with the scrolling but the WCRA logo stays at the top.


Not working right on an iPhone 6