National Service Provider Official Rating System

This thread is to serve as the master list for the worlds NSP (National Service Provider) Rating system for professional window cleaners. If you have worked with any of the NSPs listed below please take the time to take the survey included in each of their pages. If you know of a NSP that is not listed, please let us know in this thread.

AFM as known as Great American Window Cleaning
All American Maintenance
American Facilities Maintenance
American Seaboard
Avid Floor Maintenance
Broadway National
CB Tech Services
Cleanway (Cintas)
C & R Services
Consumer Floor
Corporate Mall Services
Dynamic Systems
Ellis Enterprises
Emcon Associate
Great American Window Cleaning
Master Maintenance
Mr. Window
National Janitorial Services
Solutions Management
Thoreau Services
Tower Maintenance
U.S. Maintenance
Window Masters
WSA Services

Very cool and useful feature. I bet a lot of people are wishing this sort of thing was around sooner :wink:

I have never dealt with these companies on a window cleaning basis but I have dealt with some in regards to snow removal and pressure washing… some recommendations to anyone interested in working for them,
never expect to be paid on time, factor that into your price when bidding, or when offered a job add another 10% on top for the headache of collecting.
take tonnnnsss of photos as proof of your work.
Read the contract thoroughly, have your lawyer read it, know what rights you are giving up.
do not settle for any items in the contract you do not like, or a price that’s not right, Their job is to find someone to do a project for the lowest price imaginable…
Most of my work has been with USM and Brickman performing property maintenance ( pressure washing, snow removal) every year I get bombarded with several hundred RFB from these guys. If something good catches my eye ill bid on it, for my price, every once in a while theyll come back with a counter offer, if it’s worth it I’ll take it otherwise I pass and they move down the line to the next contractor. every once in a great while they will be unable to find someone to do it for what they want and so they are stuck with me and my offer, I do the work, Document the hell out of it, follow the contract to the T and get my check several months later… Brickman is the fastest payer ( 30-60 days)( dependent on the company you are doing work for ) in their contract it states they will not pay you untill they get paid…and It also depends on how well you jump through their work reporting hoops…
Longest I have had to wait for a check was 5 months from USM… that was the last job I did for them because everytime they call me now I say I want payment upfront and they move on lol.

I know a lot of guys that have gotten severely burned by these NSP, unsure how it is on the window side, im just speaking of my experience with snow removal… working for a NSP can be very lucrative, as long as you know what you are signing contract wise, and you follow it to the letter. and when all else fails a good letter from an attorney also helps :slight_smile: ( thats how I finally got my payment from USM.)

Although i have never worked with NSPs, and for the foreseeable future never will, I think this is AWESOME!

By the way, these pages are quickly climbing the Google Organic rankings… maybe it will cause some of these companies to straighten up…

… or sue.

I have experience in Libel lawsuits from another forum I was a major player in years ago that had the world’s first STD (S**ty tipper D@T@B@SE). We were threatened with so many lawsuits from common folk to celebrities that I actually had to go on the radio as a spokesperson a few times to defend our legal rights to do what we were.

If it can be proven (credit card tips only in the database) it is not libel.

Ahhh… sometimes I miss my foodservice days

If we get a take down notice… It can just go to the private area.

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is service magic a nsp?

I voted on the ones I dealt with and tried to provide as accurate information as possible, but I felt like I was tipping the scales in the negative, since I hate NSP’s. Hopefully it’ll balance out if someone has had positive experiences.


enjoy it… Leave some ratings if you worked with any of them before…

You don’t have Bugajewski listed. They’re the only ones I’ve worked with. I’ve got some things to say about them too…

I really hope it doesn’t come to that. I think that these NSP’s should have a sense of accountability, and not bully people that have something negative to say about them.

[MENTION=235]TheWindowGuy[/MENTION] I just added a survey for them and added them to the master list… Have at it!

How many of those are good ones to work for Chris?

We have been working for solutions management for a long time…

I was thinking about signing with cleanway, but Im not sure I want to deal with the hassle.

You never know 'till you try. Haven’t heard anything downright negative about them, other than the low pricing, and the paper work that all of the NSP’s require. Just make sure to settle on a price you can live with.

First of I am new here and not a window washer by trade. I am a handyman that has a small company that has turned into a local facility company. I work with several facility companies and none of them are saints. Some are worse one way others age great to deal with for getting the extras etc. but are ****ty payers.

TO get national accounts you need to have all your T’s crossed. And ask to be on a vendor list google is your friend

Facilities Management | Commercial Property Maintenance | Northwest Companies

Can you add this one? they contacted me recently for a bid and so far the experience has been the same ole routine. Drop what I’m doing jump through hoops to fax over a million documents, fill out an extensive provider application, provide a quote for the work and then sit back and listen to the sound of un-answered phone calls, un-returned voice mail messages and ignored emails all asking for an update on the process.


Yep give me a couple of days and Ill get it done

I just got a call from SAF Group Management.